Mechanics of advanced functional materials
Field of study: Mechatronics
Programme: Mechatronic systems engineering (ME8)
Semester: II,
ECTS credits: 2
Course instructor: dr inż. Grzegorz Dziatkiewicz

Course description

Today mechatronic products are built with advanced materials. If you would like to know the difference between piezoelectricity and piezoresistivity, this course is for you! During course “Mechanics of advanced functional materials” you will learn the basics of description of modern materials by using the language of continuum mechanics. The description of the properties of the applied materials is essential during the design of new mechatronic products, therefore during this course you will learn the basics of such description. The course will be practically oriented, so do not worry, we will use only Cartesian tensorsJ. The models of linear elasticity, piezoelectricity, magnetoelectricity, piezomagnetism, thermoelasticity, pyroelectricity and piezoresistivity will be presented and you will be able to use them in a professional manner as a designer of mechatronic products. The presented models of materials will be the basis for advanced computational methods, especially the finite element method. For dessert we leave the description of nonlinear models, e.g. mechano-electromagnetic phenomenon of magnetostriction.
Teaching modes and hours
  • 15 h lectures
  • 15 h projects

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