Mechatronic Systems Engineering (ME8)
The graduate Mechatronic Systems Engineering Programme at the Institute of Computational Mechanics and Engineering (ICME) offers a Master of Science in Mechatronics. ICME's program is designed to accelerate the development of systems engineers by providing practical, real-world experience that can be immediately applied on the job.
ICME's rich curriculum covers all aspects of a system's life cycle using state-of-the-art principles, practices and technologies, especially by using the modelling and simulation paradigm. This program balances practical application and theoretical understanding based on the general systems theory and the systems engineering.

Why Mechatronic Systems Engineering?
  • Mechatronics is a multidisciplinary and systemic engineering discipline.
  • The flexibility of a Mechatronic Systems Engineer is always in high demand, as companies need experts who can easily adjust from one environment to another.
  • Organizations seek experts who can integrate all the aspects of the engineering process into a coherent and effective system.
  • System engineering professionals play the critical role of acting as the primary liaison between management, customers, suppliers, and specialty engineers in the systems development process.

Study plan

Course Semester Examination Hours (total) ECTS Lc C Lb P S ECTS Lc C Lb P S ECTS Lc C Lb P S
Micromechatronics and MEMS I NO 30 3 1   1                            
The Finite and Boundary Element Methods I YES 45 4 1   1 1                          
General systems theory II YES 30             3 2                    
Decision theory II NO 30             2 1     1              
Computational intelligence II NO 30             2 1   1                
Programming for industrial applications II YES 60             4 1     3              
Mechanics of advanced functional materials II NO 30             2 1 1                  
Advanced Computational Methods II YES 45             4 1   2                
Applied systems engineering II NO 30             2 1     1              
Mechatronic product development II NO 30                         2         2
Mechatronic systems implementation II NO 30             2       2              
Advanced product life-cycle management III YES 30                         2 1     1  
Multiphysics simulations III YES 30                         2 1   1    
Complex systems analysis III NO 30                         2 1   1    
Lc Lectures
C Classes
Lb Labs
P Project
S Seminar

The programme is under the patronage of a leading company in the implementation and design of various engineering systems, especially computer aided design, modelling and simulation systems - IBS INTELLIGENT BUSINESS SOLUTIONS

History of the cooperation between IBS Poland and ICME
  • training of teamork for students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (FME) in European Social Fund (ESF) projects (2012)
  • further training cycles (2013)
  • first internships for students of the FME in ESF projects (2013)
  • first contract of employment for the graduate student of the FME (2013)
  • IBS patronage over the conference „Computational Methods (CM)” (2014)
  • sponsoring awards for the best presentation during the CM conference (2014)
  • the workshop „You see and touch V6" for practising engineers (2014)
  • the student workshop „You see and touch V6" in cooperation with Student Scientific Group in the ICME (2014)
  • CATIA license renewal for the ICME (2014)
  • Institute staff at the 3DExperience Forum in Karpacz (2014)
  • common session 3DEXPERIENCE Platform - New profile of a modern Engineer (2014)
  • further contracts of employment for the graduate students of the FME (2015)
  • IBS patronage over the conference „Computational Methods (CM)” (2015)
  • sponsoring awards for the best presentation during the conference CM (2015)
  • Institute staff at the 1st IBS Forum in Istebna (2015)
  • project of the new graduate programme under the patronage of The IBS Poland (2015)
An agreement between Silesian University of Technology and IBS company has been signed on April 17, 2015.